Come and experience “la joie de vivre” with Intripid ! Our charming Intripid team has put together an amazing tour to discover the French culture in a dynamic and mind-blowingly fun way. The tour consists of 6 typically French activities and challenges that will make you want to pack your bags and move to Paris !

super frenchy

The rules :

rules of the game

A charismatic Intripid guide dressed in a traditional costume will take you on the best two hour tour of your life, but in order to win a marvelous bottle of champagne you will have to achieve at least 5 challenges. You will also be rewarded with a « Super Frenchy » diploma !

If you come with a mustache (For men only) or a beret (for both men and women) you will earn even more points!

The challenges included in the tour:


1) Visit a bakery house and try to ace the quiz on a baker’s savoir-faire

visite de boulangerie avec intripid


2) Wine tasting: (3 succulent wines from different French regions)

degustation de vin Intripid super frenchy


3) Pétanque challenge

tournoi de petanque intripid super frenchy


4) Karaoke challenge: sing the French national Anthem “La Marseillaise”

chant marseillaise


5) Cultural quiz on French culture

questionnaire culture française intripid super frenchy


6) Olfactory cheese challenge

degustation de fromage intripid super frenchy


Tour prices :

the tour requires a minimum of 4 people.

36 €/ per person for groups of 10 people or less.

29€/ per person for groups of 11 people or more

to make a reservation or for more information reach:

Baptiste on or e-mail


The bonus challenges


For the most “intripidesque” warriors, you can ask our guides to include these different challenges on your “French Tour

7) Snails challenge

degustation d'escargot intripid super frenchy

Price: 12€/ per person plus the price of the original tour fee.

8) Taming a hen or rooster challenge:

defi coq intripid super frenchy

Price: 40€/per person plus the price of the normal tour. The animal will be given to the members of the group as a prize at the end of the tour. We advise to choose this option only if you have the possibilities to keep the animal in your home.


9) Musical challenge: accordion test

concert accordeon intripid super frenchy

Price: 8 € per person plus the price of the normal tour, it lasts half an hour and all the members of the group will have to participate. The accordionist will play some popular French songs that you will have to recognize!


10) make your own crêpe challenge:

faire sa crepe super frenchy intripid

Price: 5€/per person plus the price of the normal tour. Make a delicious crepe on a professional hot plate.

made in france

Are you ready to pass the “Super Frenchy” diploma?

The starting point is outside the metro Lamarck Caulaincourt (line 12) on the 18th district. This tour is perfectly suited for birthdays, anniversaries, or for any other type of celebration. We hope to see you soon!

To make a reservation or for more information you can go on our website reach:

Baptiste on or by e-mail



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