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Top 10 Offbeat Things to Do in Montmartre, Paris

Once home to some of the world’s greatest artists, writers and poets, the enchanting former village of Montmartre is to Paris what Greenwich Village is for New Yorkers. Among cheesy beret-clad tourists, you will find here the ‘bobos‘ of the city. These are the bourgeois-bohemians: upper-middle class Parisians who thrift €5 tweed jackets while taking pictures …


Top 21 Ideas for a Bachelorette Party in Paris

Want to have the wildest hen night in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? We’v got you covered. With Intripid, get ready for some amazing, Insta-worthy (and sometimes not!) bachelorette party adventures in the heart of the city of love – Paris!    Bachelorette Party in Paris: #1   Mylo Concept Store …


Top 10 Unique Things to Do in Paris

Are you based in Paris and want to spend a beautiful afternoon with friends (re)discovering your city? Or are you a visitor looking to immerse yourself in Paris in a fun, original way that goes beyond the usual tourist traps? Well, we’re here to help with a list of the Top 10 most unique things …