If you’re looking for a break in your routine and a chance to hang out with your girlfriends in Paris, Intripid is here to help with a list of interesting bars, cafés and other cool spots for you to hit up with your friends!




Things to Do in Paris for Girls: #1


Kawaii Café


Kawaii cafe sorties insolites
Kawaii Café – activities for girls in paris – intripid blog


Tired of small, boring bars that you’re forced to go to because any other place is too far away? No worries! We have a suggestion that will only cost you 1 metro ticket.

Considered a “geek’s paradise”, the Kawaii Café is a unique, exotic themed bar that pays homage to Japanese mangas. Enter this candy pink universe for unbeatable cocktails (both in price and taste) and a warm environment to spend hours playing video games!

You can also enjoy various themed events hosted there, such as retro video game tournaments, J-music, Super Player etc.

Address: 20 Rue de Nemours, 75011 Paris
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 15h – 2h00 



Things to Do in Paris for Girls: #2


 Le Mouffetard Café



Café Mouffetard – activities for girls in paris – intripid blog


Located in one of the most symbolic streets of Paris, Café Mouffetard offers you the typical Parisian café experience. But if you look harder, there’s a secret room hidden in its basement: the Room of Friends.

Painted by artists-in-the-making, this little chamber is perfect for both gaming and socializing: play ping-pong, billiards, mölkky, board games and much more!

Plus: Make sure to try out their homemade rhum – the pineapple-mango-vanilla rhum is rumored to make the shiest of the shy break out into the salsa!

Address: 116 rue Mouffetard 75005 Paris
Opening hours: Tues – Sat 13h-23h and Sunday 7h30-19h



Things to Do in Paris for Girls: #3



Intripid Challenge



intripid challenge – activities for girls in paris – intripid blog


If you’re not that into the bar scene, you can still enjoy Café Mouffetard and other similar partner establishments by doing an Intripid Challenge!

Your mission: within 2 hours, succeed at completing at least 10 tasks across the city in order to win a prize. Activities can include becoming a temporary barwoman, making your own crepes, and many more surprises!

Check out the different kinds of challenges available here. It costs about 30 € per person.

Challenges that include a task at the Café Mouffetard are the King of the District and Girls Gone Wild.

Here’s a taste of the adventure:


Things to Do in Paris for Girls: #4


Café Suédois 




Café Suédois – activities for girls in paris – intripid blog


For your lazy Sunday mornings, this is the perfect place to relax with friends. The Swedish Institute is full of charm and an authentic, welcoming atmosphere. They serve simple, fresh products and you can enjoy their well-designed exhibitions or sit on the terrace to chat, read or play cards.
Avoid the bustling, crowded streets of the Marais to sample some delicious homemade cakes and freshly squeezed juice at just 2 euros.

Address: 11 Rue Payenne, 75003 Paris
Opening hours: Tues – Sun 13h-19h



Things to Do in Paris for Girls: #5





Lavomatic sorties insolites paris
Lavomatic – activities for girls in paris – intripid blog


Discover the newest speakeasy of Paris!
Arranged to look like an apartment, this famous bar is located behind a door to a laundromat on the 1st floor. The atmosphere is modern and fun like pop art, and wins a lot of customers. Something original to do here is ride their fun swings while sipping craft beer and laughing with friends.

Address: 30 rue René Boulanger, 75010 Paris
Opening hours: Tues – Sat 18h-2h



Things to Do in Paris for Girls: #5

Maguey Bar




Maguey bar sorties insolites paris
Maguey Bar – activities for girls in paris – intripid blog


This will make for a great culinary story! At the Maguey Bar, you do not choose from a menu. Instead, you provide a few adjectives of how you would like your meal to be. In a quiet and cosy atmosphere, let yourself be surprised by unexpected culinary associations and flavors offered to you. A lovely welcome, creative dishes, a modern setting and an element of surprise: what more could you ask for?

Address: 99 rue de Charenton, Paris
Opening hours: Tues-Sun 12pm – evening



Things to Do in Paris for Girls: #6


La Recyclerie



La recyclerie sorties insolites paris
La recyclerie – activities for girls in paris – intripid blog

Discover this original bar nestled within the ancient Ornano train station. La Recyclerie is an ideal place to have a glass with friends. Located in a popular area, enjoy the beautiful long terrace along the railway and take pleasure in the fragrant garden. Their cocktails are great, their products fresh and the setting is charming. La Recyclerie is sure to offer you a memorable evening!

Address: 83 Boulevard Ornano, 75018 Paris, France
Opening hours: Mon-Wed: 8 h – midnight // Thurs: 8h – 1h // Fri – Sat: 8h- 2h // Sun: 11h – 22h




Things to Do in Paris for Girls: #7


Cat Café



le café des chats sorties insolites paris
Cat Café – activities for girls in paris – intripid blog


A friendly bar full of cute little kitties and quality service? Seems too good to be true! 
The Cat Café offers you a warm, welcoming atmosphere where you’re free to try their tasty dishes while playing and petting some adorable cats. Note that there are two cat cafés in Paris; locations below!

Address: 9 Rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris; 16 rue Michel le Comte, 3rd arrondissement
Opening hours: Tues-Sun 12h00 – 22h30




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