Do wish to break free from the typical sightseeing tours and live an authentic Parisian experience?

Get a real taste of local Paris by visiting one the top  5 legendary markets Intripid has carefully selected for you and learn how to shop and bargain like a true Parisian.


Vanves Flea Market 

An Authentic French Flea Market!

If you feel the need to take a little break from sightseeing this is the perfect place for you. This lovely market is located in a friendly and local neighborhood and has a myriad of items to choose from. You can roam around freely for it never gets too crowded and have a blast digging through old postcards, fancy furniture, vinyl albums, second hand clothes, old-fashioned trinkets, jewelry, porcelain and more. Unlike other markets, here you can find antiques at a very affordable price.

Address: Avenue Georges Lafenestre, 75014 Paris
Hours: every weekend from 7am to 2pm

puce vanves

Bastille Art Market

An exciting experience!

Considered as one of the largest Art Market in the Capital, this unending street of four aisles exhibits over 200 artists every week. This colorful market full of exciting discoveries is an absolute must see! You can find a large variety of art displayed, such as photography, modern art, ceramics, jewelry, prints etc. and the price varies from moderate to expensive.  Starting at Place de la Bastille it extends all the way along Boulevard Richard Lenoir.

Address: Boulevard Richard Lenoir 75011 Paris
Hours: every Saturday from 10 am to 7pm

marché bastille art et création

Aligre Market 

Excellent food market!

If you’re looking for a truly authentic shopping experience in Paris then look no further.  The marché d’Aligre is a covered market with outdoor stands arranged in the nearby Place d’Aligre. It is one of the busiest markets in Paris and it portrays the vibrant and chaotic atmosphere of the 12th district. It’s usually messy and crowded but that’s what makes the experience so real and memorable.

It can also be considered as both a flea market and a food market.

Address: Place d’Aligre, 75011 Paris, France
Tue – Sat 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Tue – Fri 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Sat 3:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Sun 9:00 am – 1:30 pm

marché d'aligre

George Brassens Book Market 

One of Paris’s hidden gems!

This market is dedicated to those who love old books and finds. The majority of the books are in French, and you can find unusual books such as vintage fashion magazines or old nature and history books. If you look carefully enough you’ll easily find your treasures. It is located right next to the George Brassens park, and there’s a number of small little café’s nearby where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a good book.

Adresse: 104 rue Brancion, 75015 Paris, France
Hours: Every weekend from 9am to 6pm

marché brassens

The Monge Market 

A fine local market!

This small farmer’s market is known for its high quality and tasty products. It’s an open air market located on La Place Monge. In order to get the best selection we recommend you to arrive early. The food is fresh, the vendors are friendly and the atmosphere is very laid back. This is a great place to go if you’re visiting Paris on a budget because you can put together a delicious meal with a small amount of money.

It’s definitely work a visit!

Address: place monge 75005 Paris/ M° Place Monge, line 7
Wednesday from 7pm to 2h30pm
Friday from 7pm to 2h30pm
Sunday from 7pm to 3pm

marché monge

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