Have you ever had to pay 8 euros for a pint in Paris? If that’s the case then you probably think it’s a complete scandal, considering beer is supposed to be a common-folk drink accessible to everyone.

Did you know that for 8 euros you can actually buy 3 pints in some places in Paris? Which means you could buy a small round for your friends for the exact same price!

The best way to get the cheapest beers is by coming during happy hour which usually begins at 5pm and ends around 10pm depending on the bar.

Out of the 1200 Bars in Paris, less than 70 places sell beer at a decent price ( 2.50, and 3.50)

Here is our 2015 selection of bars selling the cheapest pints in Paris:




pinte de biere pas cher à paris

pinte de biere pas cher paris 22.50 a pint! 

Oberkampf district:

Le dude: 2.50 euros a pint from 6pm to 9pm. This bar pays homage to the Big Lebowski, and the White Russian is an absolute must! (4.50) 214 rue Saint Maur 75010 Paris

Orange Mécanique: 2.50 euros a pint during happy hour (6pm-8pm) it’s worth mentioning that whiskey costs 1.50 euros. 72 bis Jean-pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris

Grand Boulevard District :

Au Taquet: 2.50 euros for the Konigsbier pint during happy hour (4pm-2am) this bar recently opened and they offer champagne bottles for birthday events and their shots only cost 2 euros! 19 rue Bleue 75009 Paris. Métro Cadet (L-7)

La cordonnerie : 2.90 euros during happy hour (7pm- 8pm) and you get a Couscous on the house to go with your beer every Thursday and Saturday! 28 rue Greneta 75002 Paris. Métro : Etienne Marcel ou Réaumur Sébastopol

O’Pti Paris : 2.90 euros a pint during happy hour (3pm-9pm) and the Kro pint is served with a generous plate of fries. Cour des petites écuries- 75010 Paris. Métro Château d’eau

Le Marigny : 2.90 a pint. This is a typical sports bar where you can relax with friends and watch football games. 53 boulevard Saint Martin, 75003 Paris. Métro Strasbourg Saint Denis (L-9).

Quartier Montmartre :

Grand hôtel de Clermont : 2.50 euros a pint. This 50’s bar is found in a secret alley near Montmartre. 18 rue Véron 75018 métro Abbesses (L-2)

Sèvres-Lecourbe District :

Le Cristal: 2.6 euros a pint during happy hour. You can also try the Intripid Challenge “American straw” which consists in sipping an entire pint through a straw in less than a minute. 163 avenue de Suffren- 75015 Paris. Métro: Sèvres Lecourbe ou Ségur.



chope-de-bière pas cher paris


pinte de biere pas cher paris 23 euros a pint 

Bourse-Grand Boulevard- Pigalle District :

Le Syphax: 3 euros a pint. This iconic bar is always packed and the French Pastis only costs 1.5 euros. 26 rue Chateaudun 75009 Paris. Métro: Notre Dame de Lorette (L-12)

French Beer Factory: 3 euros the Amstel Pint during happy hour (3pm-8pm) the one and only Beer temple in Paris; try the other brands as well while you’re at it! 176 rue Montmartre 75009 Grand Boulevards (L-9 et L-8)

La Serena : 3 euros a pint from 6pm to 9pm it also becomes a night club on the weekends. 92 rue Richelieu 75002 Paris. Métro Bourse (L-3)

La Grosse Caisse : 3 euros a pint from 5pm to 9pm.  this is a very trendy bar with a charming mezzanine. 160 rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris. Metro Grand Boulevard ( L-9 et L-8)

Rock’n roll Circus: 3 euros a pint from 6pm to 8pm. Enjoy a nice refreshing beer while listening to some Rock’n roll music. 5 rue André Antoine, 75018 Paris. Métro Pigalle (L.2)

Latin and Saint Germain District:

Le Violon Dingue: 3 euros a pint from 7pm to 10pm and there’s an underground dance floor! 46 rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève, 75005 Paris. Métro Cardinal Lemoine (L-10)

Le Cavern : 3 euros a pint from 5h30pm to 8h30 pm. This is a great place to chill with friends, they also invite a lot of bands to play concerts every week. 21 rue Dauphine 75006 Paris. Metro Saint Michel (RER B, L-4)

Le Facanex : 3 euros a pint during happy hour. This is mainly a student bar! 20 rue censier Daubenton 75005 Paris. Métro Censier Daubenton (L-7)

Le Pantalon : 3 euros a pint during happy hour. This is an atypical bar and a great place to kick back and relax with some friends. 7 rue Royer-Collard- 75005 Paris. RER B Luxembourg, Metro Cluny la Sorbonne

Le Bateau Ivre : 3 euros a pint from 5pm to 9pm. Saturday and Sundays is girls’ night: 5 euros for a glass of champagne and 2 euros per shot! 40 rue Descartes, 75005 Paris. Metro Cardinal Lemoine (L-10)

Le Bistro des Artistes: 3 euros a pint during happy hour (7pm to 9pm) this bistro is the perfect place for all of you artists out there! 6 rue des Anglais 75005 Paris. Metro Maubert Mutualité (L-10)

Les Caractères: 3 euros for the Pilsener pint from 6pm to 8pm. Try to win the “ What’s your digits challenge “25 rue des Grands Augustin 75006 Paris. Metro Saint Michel (RER B, L 4)

Jules Joffrin District :

La Piscine : 3 euros a pint during happy hour from 6pm to 8pm. A lovely bistro with a warm and friendly atmosphere! 48 rue du Poteau 75018 Paris. Metro Jules Joffrin (L-12)

Bastille and Oberkampf District :

Le Hide Out Bastille: 3 euros a pint during happy hour. Avoid the other expensive bars on Lappe Street and come enjoy a nice cheap beer at the Hide Out. 21 rue de Lappe 75011 Paris. Metro Bastille/ledru rollin

Le Nul bar Ailleurs: 3 euros a pint during happy hour from 5pm to 9pm you can even go outside of the bar with your beer which is a very rare thing in Paris! 18 rue de la Cotte 75012 Paris. Metro Ledru Rollin (L-8)

Le Café Ménilmontant : 3.30 euros a pint (H-Beer) during happy hour from 5pm to 9pm. 143 boulevard Ménilmontant 75011 Paris.


cheap beer paris


pinte de biere pas cher paris 23.5 euros a pint

Oberkampf and Bastille District: 

Le O’Connells : 3,50  a pint during happy hour from 5pm to 9pm. One of the coolest bars in the capital, it’s certainly worth a visit! 88 avenue Parmentier, 75011 Paris. Metro Parmentier (L.9)

Le Berimbar : 3,5 euros during happy hour from 6pm to 8h30pm. This unconventional bar let’s you bring your own food sort of like a giant picnic  131 rue Oberkampf 75011 Paris. Metro Parmentier (L.3)

La chope du château rouge : 3,50 euros a pint. 40 rue de Clignancourt, 75018 Paris. Metro Chateau Rouge (L.4)

Le Charlie : 3,50 euros for the Leeft pint and only 2 euros for the half-pint. This place is known for their  exceptionally cheap beverages . 29 rue de Cotte 75012 Paris. Métro Ledru Rollin (L.8)

Saint Germain and Latin District: 

Le Gentleman : 3,5 euros a pint during happy hour. This is a very friendly bar divided into several little cosy spots.  3 Bis rue de Hautefeuille. 75006 Paris. Metro Saint-Michel (L.4)

La Lucha Libre : 3,5 euros  for the Lager pint during happy hour ( 5pm to 8pm)  You can also fight or watch a live ( amateur)  boxing match for only 3 euros !! 10 rue de la Montagne Sainte Genevieve 75005 Paris. Metro Cardinal Lemoine (L.10)

The Wall : 3,5 euros a pint from 3pm to 2am (closing time). This is THE bar where everybody goes to chill on the weekends. 51 rue Lacépède – 75005 Paris. Metro Monge/ Cardinal Lemoine (L.10)

20134 : 3,5 euros the Corse pint. 11 rue de la montagne Saint Geneviève, 75005 Paris. Métro Maubert Mutualité (L.10).

 Grands Boulevards District :

Hetfeeld’s pub : 3,5 euros a pint, this rock bar sells cheap beer until 5am!  17 boulevard Poissonnière. 75002 Paris.

Le Tribal Café : 3,5 euros a pint. This bar has a really nice vibe, and it’s located on a street where cars are not allowed. 3 cours des petites écuries 75010 Paris. Métro: Château d’eau

Motte-Picquet District (15e) :

Le Comptoir : 3,5 euros during happy hour from 5pm to 7pm. A place that pays hommage to all of the rugby fans out there and if your order 5 beers you get another one on the house! 354 rue de Vaugirard. 75015 Paris.  Metro Convention (L.12)

Le Bréguet : 3,5 euros a pint during happy hour. 72 rue Falguière. 75015 Paris.

 Butte aux Cailles District:

La Folie en Tête : 3,5 euros for the Campus blonde pint during happy hour ( 5pm to 8pm). Spend an unforgettable night in this highly excentrique bar . 33 rue de la Butte aux Cailles. 75013 Paris.

The Bootlagers : 3,5 euros for the Lager pint during happy hour from 4m to 10pm on monday to wednesday and 4pm to 8pm from thursday to sunday. This is a fun American bar ! 73, quai Panhard et Levassor. 75013 Paris

 Jules Joffrin District :

Le Fontenoy : 3,5 euros for the Amstel pint at any hour of the day! 20 Rue Eugène Sue 75018 Paris. Metro Jules Joffrin (L.12)

Le village Michel : 3,5 a pint during happy-hour from 4pm to 9pm. A small bar with appealing and cheap drinks! 100 rue Ordener, 75018 Paris. Métro Jules Joffrin (L.12).

Au clair de Lune : 3,5 euros for the Stella pint during happy hour ( 6pm to 10pm)  it is located between Montmartre and Château Rouge and it’s always packed! 1 rue Ramey 75018 Paris. Metro Château Rouge.

Le Supercoin : 3,5 euros for the Pilsner pint during happy-hour from 5pm to 8pm (the Pilsner pint is a traditional Czech beer). The local french beers “A l’Ouest” or “La Onze” only cost 3 euros for the half-pint!  3 rue Baudelique 75018 Paris Metro Jules Joffrin (L.12)

Le 9B : 3,5 euros a pint during happy-hour. Every wednesday you get a free couscous with every beer you buy and you can also have a blast dancing the night away on their underground dance floor!  68 boulevard de la Vilette 75019 Paris. Metro Colonel Fabien (L.2)


If you wish to find more places that sell beer under 4 euros,  then we highly recommend these two websites : MistergoodBeer ou alors bougerpascher



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