Greetings! Looking for an amazing bar-hopping experience in Barcelona? Well, there’s no need to look any longer : Intripid can offer you a list of the coolest, most original bars to visit in Barcelona! 


Top Bars in Barcelona #1


The Verne


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Verne-Top bars in Barcelona


Looking for the most original, amazing bar in Barcelona to share a cocktail or tapas?

Look no further because this is exactly the place for you! The Verne restaurant offers a totally unique experience in a phenomenal space that’s themed like a submarine, the same one that transported French writer Jules Verne 20 000 leagues underwater…The food is incredibly creative, producing unique, original dishes using some spectacular ingredients.

Address: Carrer d’Aribau, 150, Barcelona, Spain, 08036 Barcelona

Find out more about the Verne HERE


Top Bars in Barcelona #2


Espit Chupitos


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Espit Chupitos-Top bars in Barcelona


Espit Chupitos offers a variety of over 600 different chupitos; it’s a perfect place for fans to try out new drinks. But make sure you don’t try them all out at once (LOL) because the night is young and long, and with the Intripid Fiesta Challengethere will be plenty more places left to discover in the city. This is one of the most hip and original bars in Barcelona, we can guarantee that!

Address: Calle Lincon nº19, Barcelona, Spain.

Find more information on enjoying a crazy night here.


Top Bars in Barcelona #3




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Polaroid-Top bars in Barcelona

Return to the past at Polaroid, one of the most unique bars in Barcelona as it takes you on a journey back to the years 1980-90. It’s a very retro place where you can find the best music, films and video games of that time! Formerly a pop corner, this now gothic bar offers an atmosphere and drinks that transport you to another era…so, wanna head there now?

Address: Carrer Còdols 29, Barrio Gótico, Barcelona.

Find out more about Polaroid HERE


Top Bars in Barcelona #4


Party Tour with Intripid



Wanna go bar-hopping around the city? Well, it’s time to try out an Intripid experience in Barcelona! Our Fiesta Challenge in Barcelona is a completely delightful, unusual activity where you have to complete some challenges within a time limit that will be given to you by a referee (French, Hispanic or English). For example, in some challenges you could:

  • Become a temporary barman
  • Drink flaming shots
  • And spicy chorizo!
  • Immerse your tastebuds at the famous Leche de Pantera bar
  • Sing karaoke in Catalan
  • Make your own empanadas
  • Pour cider in the style of cider from Asturia
  • Become a hairdresser for 10 minutes (you’ll be tested before the aperitifs!)
  • Make sangria
  • Sing like Manu Chao
  • And other surprises you can find on our page of challenges!

This is a great opportunity to discover more fun, unusual places and local customs with your family and friends! To find out more about the challenges on our website, click here. The course/challenge will be supervised by a referee blocked in the old historic center of Barcelona, at Carrer Ample, for 2-3 hours of a great adventure amongst friends!

For more info or to book:  OR  00 33 6 64 86 91 40


Top Bars in Barcelona #5




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Rubi-Top bars in Barcelona – Intripid blog


With an intensely coloured interior, Rubi is a bar-salon that still retains its century-old walls. This rustic touch doesn’t just stop there; the magical red decorations give this establishment a unique edge and ambiance. We recommend you to try the mojitos and go there slightly early as it one of the most hip and popular bars of Barcelona, always teeming with people!

Address: Carrer dels Banys Vells, 6, 08003 Barcelona.

Learn more about Rubi HERE


Top Bars in Barcelona #5


Sor Rita


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Sor Rita-Top bars in Barcelona – Intripid blog


Looking for something really original? Sor Rita is definitely one of the most unique and interesting bars in Barcelona with its leopard-print decorations, barbie lamps and dressing mirrors…it’ll feel like you’re in a scene from a Pedro Almodovar film!  Surrounded by quirky wigs and nails, this bar offers you a large variety of drinks, from wines to beers, all at very affordable prices! And don’t miss out on Karaoke Thursdays…

Address: Carrer de la Mercé 27,CP 08002, Barcelona.

Find out more about Sor Rita HERE


Top Bars in Barcelona #7


Antic Teatre


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Antic Teatre-Top bars in Barcelona – Intripid blog


The Antic Teatre is a café by day and bar by night. In this Catalan bar, you can taste cocktails and beers and more if you desire!  This is also a cultural center that hosts shows throughout the year. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a bar with a more conservative style and plenty of locals!

Address: c./ Verdaguer i Callís 12,08003, Barcelona.

Learn more about the Antic Teatre HERE


Top Bars in Barcelona #8




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Rabipelao-Top bars in Barcelona – Intripid blog


Rabipelao is one of Barcelona’s coolest bars and the first Venezuelan bar in the Gothic Quarter of the city. Its name comes from a typical Venezuelan animal that sleeps during the day and only goes out at night. There’s a great, relaxed vibe and you can find a big selection of rums and gin to dance to the rhythms of Latin America all night! Typical food that comes with Caribbean cocktails are offered – so, what are you waiting for?

Address: Carrer Mercè 26, Barcelona.

Find out more about Rabipelao HERE


Top Bars in Barcelona #9




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Icebarcelona-Top bars in Barcelona – Intripid blog


Feeling a bit hot?

Icebarcelona is the first ice bar on a beach in the world – talk about trying to be one of the most original bars in Barcelona! The ambience is cool (no pun intended!) and avant-garde, at a temperature low enough to maintain the ice furniture designed by internationally-renowned artists. When even the armchairs are made of ice, there’s no need for ice cubes to keep your drinks cold, is there? LOL…

Address: Paseo Maritimo de la Barceloneta 38 A, 08005 Barcelona.

Learn more about Icebarcelona HERE


Top Bars in Barcelona #10




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La Fianna-Top bars in Barcelona – Intripid blog


Fianna refers to the “warrior”. This bar promises fun evenings in the heart of the Born district of Barcelona. Decorated with mosaic-covered columns and large armchairs, it’s a perfect place to get cocktails with friends. It also serves food from eight different countries like Japan, Morocco and Thailand. GO !

Address: Manresa 4, Barcelona, 08003

Learn more about Fianna HERE






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