Are you based in Paris and want to spend a beautiful afternoon with friends (re)discovering your city? Or are you a visitor looking to immerse yourself in Paris in a fun, original way that goes beyond the usual tourist traps? Well, we’re here to help with a list of the Top 10 most unique things to do in the city of love and lights!

Unique Things to Do in Paris #1 :


The Paris Manor

manoir de paris – top 10 activities in paris – intripid blog

The Paris Manor (Le Manoir de Paris) plunges you into a haunted world. Inside, there is a plague that gnaws on the zombies of the house. You will pass through pipes, abandoned shrines and desolate kitchens. The 23 thrillingly frightening pieces waiting for you in here are to sure to leave a lasting mark on your heart(beat). Not recommended for children under 12, cardiac and/or epileptic patients and pregnant women.

Price: starting from 22,5 euros/person

Address: 18 rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris, France



Unique Things to Do in Paris #2 :


 Intripid Challenge


Parcours de défis evg-evjf Intripid
Intripid challenge – Top Activities in Paris – Intripid blog


With Intripid, you can go on crazy adventures where you become a temporary bartender, make your own kebabs, fight in a ring in sumo dress, eat insects (!), play beer pong, guess the ingredients used in a 3 liter cocktail and many, many more surprises!


Intripid has also created a custom course specifically for all-female groups: become a model in a shop window, fluo bowling, traveling karaoke, be a temporary barwoman, taste cocktails, embark on a treasure hunt…and much more!

Click here for a full list of our courses and challenges in Paris. You will always be accompanied by a challenge referee, who will hand out shots to drink in case of cheating. This activity is perfect for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette nights or any other occasion to have fun and party! Rewards include prizes and discounts at Intripid’s partner establishments and a bottle of champagne is up for grabs if the star of the day manages to complete 10 challenges in 2 hours!

Price : starting from 25 euros/person (drinks and snacks included).

You can complete a challenge in the evening on weekdays from 17h00, or during the weekend from 15h00. The challenges take place in the legendary rue Mouffetard (75005).

Check out some of our other challenges in Paris:

Jack Kass ChallengeCrazy Princess ChallengeSuper Frenchy Challenge

For more info or to book : ou 06 33 03 22 19

Unique Things to Do in Paris #3 :


Shooting Session at Porte de la Chapelle


shooting porte chappelle – top 10 activities in paris – intripid blog


Come enjoy a test session at the ANTP, Paris’ shooting range. Armed with a helmet and goggles, you will first meet your eye director, then learn how to position yourself before pressing the trigger.  This surely will be an activity like no other!

Price: starting from 100 euros/personne

Address : Stand de Tir ANTP, Paris La Chapelle, 01 48 06 43 15


Unique Things to Do in Paris #4 :


Brew Your Own Beer

la beer fabrique copie
beer brewing – top 10 activities in paris – intripid blog

Brewing your own beer is now possible in Paris with La Beer Fabrique! Specialists will guide you in learning more about beer and then instruct you on how to brew it. You’ll also get the chance to sample a bunch of different craft beers along with some cheese and cold cuts. Finally, leave this experience with your own bottle of beer, brewed all on your own!

This activity will soon be available in courses and challenges at Intripid!

Address: 6-10 Rue Guillaume Bertrand, 75011 Paris



Unique Things to Do in Paris #5 :


Escape Game 


Lock Academy - EVJF Paris - Intripid
escape game – top 10 activities in paris – intripid blog


It may be possible that you’re able to wriggle out of any sticky situation but you won’t know your limits until they’re tested, right? Well, that’s what the Lock Academy is here for!

This will be a challenge that will truly test your will. The concept is simple – first, you get locked up. Then you have 1 hour to solve a mystery and make it out alive! This can be done in a team.  But if you need more time, this activity can also be organised over a full weekend.

Address: 25 Rue Coquillière, 75001 Paris



Unique Things to Do in Paris #6 :


Nautical Skiing on the Seine


ski nautique à Paris
ski on the seine – top 10 activities in paris – intripid blog


When leaving your office, put on your skiis and become the Parisian version of Brice de Nice! This course will take place between the bridge of Saint-Cloud and the bridge of Suresnes on the River Seine.

Price: starting from 26 euros.

Address : CN19 –  28 Avenue Simon Bolivar (Siège) 75019 Paris, 06 03 91 96 92 – 01 42 03 25 24



Unique Things to Do in Paris #7 :


Rocky Horror Show


rocky horror show – top 10 activities in paris – intripid blog

During the projection of this show, the actors leave the screen to inhabit reality! What happens on the screen also takes place in the room. Come with water and rice for the actors. This is one of the most unusual activities in Paris and has been taking place every Saturday night for 30 years.

Price : 9 euros

Address : 42 rue Galande, 75005 Paris (01 43 54 72 71)


Unique Things to Do in Paris #8 :


Paris Balloon


paris balloon – top 10 activities in paris – intripid blog

Experience riding the largest hot air balloon in the world! Did you know its colour varies according to the quality of Paris’ air? The balloon rises about 150 meters high and offers arguably the best and most beautiful view of Paris to be found.

Price: starting from 12 euros/person

Address: Parc André Citroën, 75005 Paris


Unique Things to Do in Paris #9 :


Seine River Cruise


seine cruise – top 10 activities in paris – intripid blog

A bit cliche but a scenic, romantic and classy experience all the same. A short cruise on the River Seine will alwyas be offer breathtaking moments for lovers, friends or families to share together. Companies like Green River Cruises and Pontoon Boats offer both comfortable and luxurious boats for 1-3 hours where you can eat, drink and enjoy the stunning views.

Compare cruise prices here.


Unique Things to Do in Paris #10 :


Accrobrance (Tree Climbing/Acrobatics)


Acrobranche – Top 10 activities in Paris – intripid blog

Become like Tarzan for a bit as soon as you exit the metro! This Accrobranche, a venue for tree climbing and acrobatics, is located just 5 minutes from the Bercy station in Paris.

Price: 18 euros

Address: Parc floral de Paris, route de la pyramide, 75012 Paris (06 21 69 81 77).


BonusUnique Things to Do in Paris #11 :


Limousine Tour

limousine tour – top 10 activities in paris – intripid blog

Want to feel like a prince or princess? Have the perfect night while cruising around in a Gabriel Limousine. This company will provide you with a lavish car and gentlemanly chauffeur who is well-acquainted with Paris and will help you see and discover whatever your heart desires.



Unique Things to Do in Paris #12 :


Intripid Sports Challenge


sports challenge – top 10 activities in paris – intripid blog

Participate in a variety of adventurous activities through Intripid’s Sports Challenge – water jousts, boating, racing, all is possible in the Bois de Boulogne.

Head on over to Intripid to find out more!


Unique Things to Do in Paris #13 :




paintball – top 10 activities in paris – intripid blog

Come experience the rush of a paintball game in a fierce, fun battle between family/friends with Paintball 75! The battlefield is only 5 minutes away from the city – so what are you waiting for?


Another bonus : The Intripid team organised its own spontaneous event in Paris recently! Check it out below:



For more, click here!





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