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Posted on Feb 22, 2018 in Paris

Top 15 Ideas for a Bachelor Party in Paris

Top 15 Ideas for a Bachelor Party in Paris


Want to have the wildest, most thrilling bachelor party in the city of lights? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Intripid is here to help you brainstorm ideas for the greatest stag night ever.


Bachelor Party in Paris: #1


Intripid Challenge 


Parcours de défis evg-evjf Intripid

intripid challenge – bachelor party in paris – intripid blog

With Intripid, make your stag night one to remember by completing one of our challenges! You could end up becoming a temporary barman, make your own kebabs, drink 4 liters of cocktails, and much, much more!

And for the more adventurous among you, take part in a Color Battle or obstacle course in our sports challenge!

Check out more here: Parcours fiesta OR parcours sport challenge


A taste:




Bachelor Party in Paris: #2


Paintball 75


Paintball 75 - EVG Paris - Intripid

paintball – bachelor party in paris – intripid blog

Battle it out in a fierce game of paintball for a mega adrenaline rush! The groom may think he’s met his match but can his friends reduce him to a mere chicken again…?

Book now with Paintball 75!

Price: 23,50€ for 250 bullets per person

Address: 11 Île de la Loge 78560 Le Port-Marly


Bachelor Party in Paris: #3


Paris Kart Indoor


Paris Kart Indoor - EVG Paris - Intripid

paris kart indoor – bachelor party in paris – intripid blog


Ever wanted to feel like you’re in Fast & Furious? Experience a taste of the fast life at this amazing indoor karting track.

Price: starting from 52€

Address: 6 boulevard Argo – ZI de Villemilan – 91320 Wissous

Bachelor Party in Paris: #4


 Nautical Skiing


CN19 - EVG Paris - Intripid

nautical skiing – bachelor party in paris – intripid blog


A unique thrill that gets your blood flowing and heart pumping! Book now with CN19.

Price: 43€ per person

Address: 4 rue David Anger 75019 PARIS


Bachelor Party in Paris: #5


Intripid Sports Challenge


 sport challenge Intripid stag party

stag party sport challenge Intripid blog Intripid

With Intripid, participate in some fun and crazy sports challenges for your inner adrenaline junkie. Play unique activities like FootBulle, where you try to score goals while avoiding bulls. There are also underwater fighting games and boating races and much, much more!

For more info or to book : OR 06 33 03 22 19

Bachelor Party in Paris: #6


Roger Legalle Pool


ANP - EVG Paris - Intripid

nude swimming – bachelor party in paris – intripid blog


For something really out of the ordinary, head to the Roger Legalle Pool to try out some…nude swimming? Sounds a little weird but it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience that will certainly make for a good story!

Price: 10€ per person

Address: 34, boulevard Carnot 75012 Paris

Bachelor Party in Paris: #7


Buggy Center



Buggy Center - EVG Paris - Intripid

buggy center – bachelor party in paris – intripid blog


Time to get down and dirty at the Buggy Center! This is for those grooms who aren’t afraid of a little speed and a little dirt…

Price: 75€ per person

Address: ZA Paris west (Derrière Casa et Intersport) 78313 Maurepas


Bachelor Party in Paris: #8


Glamour Girls


evjf - evg - Paris - Parcours

glamour girls – bachelor party in paris – intripid blog



Plan something extra risque: choose a Glamour Girl in advance and enjoy a night of drinks, dancing and food and clubbing until the early hours. The location is Cercle Cadet, a huge 4-floor complex in central Paris.

Price: 78€ menu per person and 8 people minimum

Address: 14 Rue Cadet, 75009 Paris



Bachelor Party in Paris: #9

Wake Boarding

Wakeboard - EVG Paris - Intripid

wake boarding – bachelor party in paris – intripid blog


With Wakeboard, become like an Australian surfer in Paris! This unique activity offers a thrill like no other as you glide across the waters and experience a sense of great freedom (that may be gone after marriage! LOL).

Price: 19,50€ for 1h ; 28,50€ for 2h ; 1/2 day 35€

Address: 95000 Cergy



Bachelor Party in Paris: #10


Bungee Jumping


cap adrénaline - EVJF Paris - Intripid

bungee jumping – bachelor party in paris – intripid blog


This is the perfect time to be adventurous and try out bungee jumping. You’ve always dreamt of taking the plunge (and soon you will!) but why not a bit of free fall before the big day? Experience your heart beating loudly in your chest as you soar in the sky, totally free.

Price: starting from 60€

To book: Cap Adrenaline


Bachelor Party in Paris: #11




aérokarte - EVG Paris - Intripid

aerokart – bachelor party in paris – intripid blog

Afraid of the scary, big free fall outdoors? No worries! Experience the same sensations of weightlessness and freedom within an indoor setting at AeroKart.

Price: 70€ per person

Address: 199-203 Route de Pontoise 95100 Argenteuil


Bachelor Party in Paris: #12


Street Fishing


street fishing - EVG Paris - Intripid

street fishing – bachelor party in paris – intripid blog


Try out something new with French Touch Fishing for your stag night. It’s a really unique and more peaceful, lowkey idea – just remember to take pictures and have fun!

Address: 3, rue Legouvé  75010 Paris


Bachelor Party in Paris: #13


Transform into Indiana Jones


Qui veux pister Paris - EVG Paris - Intripid

indiana jones – bachelor party in paris – intripid blog

Relive your boyish, childhood days by becoming an explorer for a day and emulating Indiana Jones. Spend your bachelor party solving riddles and hunting for treasure and savour the feeling of being a kid again before moving on to the next big step of adulthood/

Price: 12,50€ or 15€ for the Assassin’s Creed challenge

To book: Qui Veut Pister



Bachelor Party in Paris: #14


Lucha Libre Bar


Lucha Libre - EVG Paris - Intripid

lucha libre bar – bachelor party in paris – intripid blog

For this unique kind of stag night, you might find yourself drinking margaritas, tasting insects, doing an obstacle course and all sorts of other crazy stuff! We recommend the full King of the Quarter challenge at Intripid accompanied by champagne and a referee at the Lucha Libre Bar.

Address: 10 rue de la montagne Saint Geneviève 75005


Bachelor Party in Paris: #15


La Mosca – The Target


the target - EVG Paris - Intripid

the target – bachelor party in paris – intripid blog


Experience this mafia-gangster virtual game for a thrilling stag night with friends!

Price: 60€ plus 5€ per person


Bachelor Party in Paris: #BONUS

Neo Strip



striptease serpent - EVG Paris - Intripid

neo strip – bachelor party in paris – intripid blog

Price: 190€

To book: Neo Strip



Check out one of our adventure videos:

photo pour parcours de defis intripid

We are also in Barcelona!

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