Want to have the wildest hen night in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? We’v got you covered. With Intripid, get ready for some amazing, Insta-worthy (and sometimes not!) bachelorette party adventures in the heart of the city of love – Paris! 


Bachelorette Party in Paris: #1


Mylo Concept Store



mylo concept store – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


When it comes to the greatest, most significant moments of our lives – certain meetings, travels, great parties and of course, meeting THE ONE – we talk about them, we pounce on these memories, with greed and relish. It’s important to create a little cocoon where we can share these precious moments and memories with those we love, a place that’s cosy and feels like home…

You can find this warm little nook in the heart of the Batignolles area. It has a cute little name too! Mylo. This is a concept store where you can talk about both your fashion and failures over a cup of tea. Pick out a salad or a trench coat, whatever tickles your fancy. All with a lovely playlist to provide your day with a pretty soundtrack.

Lightwood decor, chic and unique clothing and charming little jewelry are all on offer. The smell of coffee permeates the atmosphere with occasional bursts of laughter heard. Whether you want aperitifs, high tea, brunch or personal shopping, Mylo opens its doors to you accordingly*.

Address: 61 rue Legendre 75017 Paris

Facebook : Mylo.Conceptstore

Open: Tues-Sun 11h30 – 20h
*Private event booking available
Price: starting from 15€ per person



Bachelorette Party in Paris: #2


Super Frenchy Intripid Challenge


Parcours de défis Intripid Evjf blog Intripid


Intripid has come up with a special French-themed challenge in the famous Montmartre area (where the film Amelie was shot!). You could find yourself hopping across Paris doing wine tastings, playing a game of pétanque, trying out cheeses, baking your own baguette and so many more cute French activities in the heart of Paris’ most delightful artistic quarter. Complete them all within 2-3 hours and win amazing prizes!


Price: starts at 25€/person

More info: Intripid Challenge

To book: baptiste@intripid.fr OR 06 13 39 37 83


Bachelorette Party in Paris: #3




marin d'eau douce 1
boating – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


Always wanted to navigate the waters? Or maybe just parade a cute sailor outfit gathering dust in your closet? This is your chance! Start your nautical adventure at Villette and choose your route from there. To make it extra special, you can also offer your “crew” some aperitifs on board as you stop at an island…


Price: 180€ for 3h (11 people) 7€ for a basket of aperitifs

Address: 37 quai de la seine 75019 Paris

To book: Marin d’Eau Douce



Bachelorette Party in Paris: #4


Lock Academy



Lock Academy - EVJF Paris - Intripid
Lock Academy – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


Test your limits and go out of your comfort zone with this daring activity. The concept is simple – we lock you up! And you have just 1 hour to solve the riddle and escape the game! This can be played in a team and if you have more time, can also be organised over an entire weekend.

Address: 25 Rue Coquillière, 75001 Paris

To bookLock Academy



Bachelorette Party in Paris: #5


Nude Drawing



cours de dessin nue - Meilleures idée originales EVJF - Intripid
Meilleurs EVJF Paris, Atelier peinture blog Intripid

Before departing from the single life completely, perhaps take this final test? Learn to observe and draw the male anatomy the proper way and no one will tell your fiancé! A fine arts professor will guide you in waking up your inner artist.

Price: 40€ per person for 2h

Contact: atelier@rroseselavy.net

To bookLovelyfamily




Bachelorette Party in Paris: #6


Knitting Party



knitting cocotricot – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


Trying out something new always guarantees a fun time – and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Cocotricot!
Come twirl your needles together to knit up a cute new accessory. Tea and aperitifs will also be on offer or if you’re feeling extra festive, crack open a bottle of champagne with the girls. One course is limited to max 5 people.

Group price: 30 € per person for 2h


Contact: 06 62 97 11 34 / tricoteraveclespieds@gmail.com

Address: Denfert Rochereau / Gaité Montparnasse, L.6 / L.13 / L.4 / Bus 28 / 88 / 62



Bachelorette Party in Paris: #7





Meilleurs idées pour un EVJF - GlamourBoys
chippendales – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


Enjoy a spectacular dinner at the Cercle Cadet (a 4-floor complex of 2000 square metres ) with the Glamour Boys! They offer 2 dinner combos as well as a cocktail menu (prices range from 39€ – 69€). In addition, these chippendales will put on a grand show of dance choreography and comedy for 1 hour 15 minutes. Afterwards, you can go clubbing right there until 5 in the morning!

To book: Glamour Boys

Contact:  01 44 83 06 99



Bachelorette Party in Paris: #8




Meilleurs idées pour un EVJF - Lovely Family
photoshoot – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


To safeguard those precious memories shared between friends, what’s better than hiring a professional photographer to immortalise them in print forever? And that too, in high quality…the photo above was taken just for this. Book with Lovely Family to freeze-frame that special moment.

Price: 35 euros per person (offered for the future bride) otherwise minimum 240 euros.



Bachelorette Party in Paris: #9


Sporty Adventure




idees activités evjf insolite paris
sport adventure – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


For something more healthy and active than a traditional wild hen night, try out this sports course that starts from rue Mademoiselle and ends at rue Madame.


Price: 70€ for 1h and 5 people + 10€ per each extra person

Addresss: Rue Mademoiselle 75005 Paris

Contact: contact@challengecoach.com OR



Bachelorette Party in Paris: #10


Paris Manor



paris manor – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


This one’s definitely not for the faint-hearted bride…
During this visit to a haunted mansion, you will be faced with Quasimodo, the iron man, and other monsters out to get their next victim…

Hey, if you can handle the terror of this, you can definitely handle marriage!

Price: 25€ per person

To book: Paris Manor

Address: 18 Rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris



Bachelorette Party in Paris: #11


Limousine Tour



Gabriel limousine - EVJF Paris - Intripid
limousine tour – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


What better than a limousine tour of Paris to feel like an absolute queen? You can be taken to a restaurant and an hour-long stroll through Paris while your “carriage” waits.

Price: 200€ – 500€

To book: Gabriel Limousine



Bachelorette Party in Paris: #12


Popstar for a Day



popstar for a day
popstar for a day – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


If you’re more of a diva, then this is the perfect option for you! Become a star for a day…

During one day, you and your girls will be restyled, get makeovers, record in a studio and shoot a small clip of a music video you can keep as a memento!

Price: Studio recording package starts from 65€ per person (includes restyling + coaching of bride’s friends, studio recording and music video clip of choice)

To book: Pop Star 4 a Day



Bachelorette Party in Paris: #13


Intripid Girls Gone Wild Challenge


Stag party Intripid Challenge Blog Intripid


Thanks to Intripid and its partner establishments, you can become a temporary barwoman, model in a store window, be a cabaret singer, make your own crepe and plenty of other surprises as part of the Girls Gone Wild challenge! Complete it all and a bottle of champagne is up for grabs to share. Go on and start your adventure at rue Mouffetard!

Price: starting from 29€/person

To book: baptiste@intripid.fr OR 06 13 39 37 83




Bachelorette Party in Paris: #14


Culinary Lab



laboclinaire - EVJF Paris - Intripid
culinary lab – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


Maybe you’re already an excellent cook or maybe your mother still eggs you on about making grilled cheese badly…this is your chance to step up! Whip up some super tasty dishes for dinnertimes to come with hubby.

Price: 39€ per person
To book: Culinary Lab


Bachelorette Party in Paris: #15


BAM Karaoke



Bam Karaoké – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


Let go before your big day! Grab a microphone and all your favourite songs’ lyrics to get ready for BAM Karaoke!
Here, private rooms are available for hire. Inspired by the Asian karaoke model, you will be belting out your fabortie  tune for hours on end with your friends! A bar is also available, serving delicious cocktails.

Price: 12-20 euros/person depending on day(click here)
Address: BAM Richer, 30 rue Richer 75009 Paris |  BAM Sentier, 50 rue d’Aboukir 75002 Paris



Bachelorette Party in Paris: #16


Aperitifs on the Seine



greencruise river idées evjf paris intripid
seine cruise – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


Being the city of love, Paris is perfect for fulfilling all your cheesy teenage fantasies. Soak up the romantic ambience with aperitifs upon a motorboat on the Seine with your girlfriends. Bid goodbye to singledom with class, a glass of white wine in hand…

Price: 44€ per person
Address: 34 quai d’Austerlitz 75013 Paris
To book: Green River Cruise



Bachelorette Party in Paris: #17


1001 Nights Hammam



Hamman 1001 Nuits – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


Relax in an establishment exclusively reserved for women that’ll let you gossip and share stories à la Sheherezade. The atmosphere is tranquil, providing sauna and jacuzzi access apart from the hammam.

Price: 25€ per person
To book: 1001 Nights Hammam
Address: 4 Passage Saint-Antoine, 75011 Paris.


Bachelorette Party in Paris: #18


Dining in the Dark



resto à l'aveugle - EVJF Paris - Intripid
dans le noir – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


Experience something totally unique with this blind dining experience, totally steeped in the dark – you’ll see neither your food nor your company. Thrilling or scary? Can you guess what’s on your plate today? Find out!

Price: 39€ – 89€ (according to preferred menu)

To book: Paris Dans le Noir

Address: 51, rue Quincampoix 75004 Paris


Bachelorette Party in Paris: #19


Pink School



pink school Paris - EVJF Paris - Intripid
Meilleurs EVJF Paris, Pink School


Always wanted to try a pole dancing class but never had the guts? This is your chance; be the sexiest bride you could imagine! Pink School will teach you and your girls all the right moves, including how to walk correctly in heels and navigate the pole at the same time. It’s really quite like a sport.

Price: 50€ per person (for a group of 10)
Address: 36 rue de Ponthieu 75008



Bachelorette Party in Paris: #20





diverteo evjf insolite paris
diverteo – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog



Fulfil your childhood explorer fantasies with Diverteo and embark on this treasure hunt in the city! Race across Paris in search of an unusual treasure, all the while discovering monuments, solving riddles and of course, having a good laugh.

Price: Varies according to group

Address: Saint-Paul, 75004 Paris, France



Bachelorette Party in Paris: #21



 Bungee Jumping



cap adrénaline - EVJF Paris - Intripid
bungee jump – bachelorette party paris – intripid blog


Before making the biggest leap in your life, why not get some practice? With Cap Adrenaline, experience the craziest rush as you go bungee jumping and conquer your fears.


Price: starting from 60€

Bachelorette Party in Paris: BONUS



 Paris Authentic



Paris Authentic - EVJF Paris - Intripid
Meilleurs EVJF Paris, Paris authentic


Do you have a bit of a bohemian spirit? Take a little tour of this artsy city on a 2CV. There’ll be plenty of Insta-worthy shots galore, featuring Paris’ monuments and a private chauffeur as your guide.


Price: starting from 179€

To book: Paris Authentic


Ever thought of a Bachelorette Party in BARCELONA?


Why not take your girlfriends to the beautiful land of Spain for the best hen night ever?  Intripid has a bunch of amazing challenges for you there, involving: sangria parties, tapas, beach activities, a visit to the gothic quarter, nightclubs and more!

Check it out:






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