This one’s for those dudes on the cusp of their wedding day and looking to celebrate the death of their singledom! That’s right, Intripid is here to help you come up with ideas for the coolest, most unique and crazy stag night in the dynamic city of Budapest.

Bachelor Party in Budapest: #1



Beer Bike  



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Beer bike – bachelor party in budapest – intripid blog


Going on a beer bike is combining probably two of your passions – beer and sports. With 20 litres of beer (and more available if in case you run out!), a sober driver and a charming guide, have the most memorable night of your life! The best part: enjoy it with all your friends and create stories you’ll be talking about well into your senior years, perhaps to your grandkids…


Bachelor Party in Budapest: #2



Intripid Challenge



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intripid challenge – bachelor party in budapest – intripid blog


Come enjoy our Very Buda Trip challenge by Intripid in Budapest. Spend your stag night completing various activities like  becoming a DJ, mixing and serving cocktails in the dark (!), cooking kebabs under a time limit, being a barman, taking flaming shots and many, many more surprises! Signing up for a complete challenge package includes lodging, transport and all activities. You’ll just have to make yourself available, by flight or otherwise, to show up in Budapest and surrender yourself to the ambience of the city and whatever else we propose.

Get a taste here:




Bachelor Party in Budapest: #3



Steer a Tank



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steer a tank – bachelor party in budapest – intripid blog


It’s time to finally live out your childhood dream! This is one very original idea. You’ll be able to choose between 5 assault tanks and will always be accompanied by an instructor. Of course, your friends are welcome to stay on board with you. A round of beers afterwards is a must.



Bachelor Party in Budapest: #4



Mud Fight



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fight of sight – bachelor party in budapest – intripid blog


Okay, okay, 2 girls rolling around in the mud, it’s a bit cliché, but hear us out – this activity offers a slight variation. This time, the groom can’t just sit and watch, he has to participate. And there’s no time to protest because your friends will be there to egg you on while watching and laughing, beer in hand. Go on, this is the time to get down and dirty. Have fun, let go and make a spectacle of yourself!



Bachelor Party in Budapest: #5



Shoot with 5 Weapons



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shoot with 5 weapons – bachelor party in budapest – intripid blog


For a really unique bachelor party activity, try shooting with 5 weapons. What’s that, you ask? Take 42 shots with 5 selected weapons and you can keep your target (even take a picture with it) at the end. Also enjoy a cool round of beers at the end (beer is like a religion in Budapest). A variant involving 76 shots and 7 weapons is also offered.


Bachelor Party in Budapest: #6



Pigeon Shooting


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pigeon shooting – bachelor party in budapest – intripid blog


Keeping with the firearm theme, this activity offers you the chance to go pigeon shooting – except you’ll just be shooting clay discs instead of pigeons. You’ll get 15 discs per person, a charming guide and a round of beers. 


Bachelor Party in Budapest: #7



False Arrest



Want to be so daring that you scare your fiancé silly then reveal your joke later – so daring she ends up questioning everything? This is it. Get (false) arrested by (false) policemen with (false) credentials. Intripid did it. Watch our wild aventure above.


Bachelor Party in Budapest: #8



Indoor Skydiving/Free Fall



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indoor skydiving – bachelor party in budapest – intripid blog


This one’s for those who are seeking a big thrill but might suffer from vertigo or air sickness or a general fear of heights. It means there’s no need to jump off a plane (!) and a constant presence of professionals and coaches to guide you. A “flight” takes about 3 mins per person. Videos and photos of your ‘high’ will be available afterwards along with a round of beers.

Site: click here



Bachelor Party in Budapest: #9



Game of Horrors



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game of horrors – bachelor party in budapest – intripid blog


Enter this exclusive labyrinth of frights where a horror film becomes your life and reality and you must become the main hero. There’ll be flashing lights in an abyss of total darkness, eerie sound effects, realistic decor, crazy blood-soaked killers on the loose,  and a fear like you’ve never experienced before permeating your being, inside this underground maze. It’s an immense adrenaline rush that could revive you from the worst hangover. Are you ready for it?

Site: click here


Bachelor Party in Budapest: #10



Thermal Baths



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thermal baths – bachelor party in budapest – intripid blog


The famous thermal baths of Hungary are the largest of source of natural hot water in the world. The water is unique and filled with many minerals to rejuvenate the body and mind…

For thermal bath veterans or ‘seasoned bathers’, this may not seem very special. But it’s a fantastic and more lowkey activity for those that are new to Budapest and consider this unmissable.




Bachelor Party in Budapest: BONUS


Ketch with Barbecue & Open Bar



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ketch – bachelor party in budapest – intripid blog



Get ready for a private skipper, wine, soft drinks and beers. Lie in the sun on the deck of a beautiful sailboat, a glass of local wine in hand, bathe, enjoy the barbecue prepared onboard and spend relaxing time with friends.


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